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Advice you can trust

Advice you can trust

Would you buy a new cooker if it wasn’t up to UK safety standards? We guess not.

Similarly, there are standards for giving advice too.

Seafarers deserve their advice to be of a high standard. And that’s why we’re here.

Citizens Advice and the Advice Quality Standard
SAIL is a Citizens Advice service so all our advisers are fully trained. This can take up to two years.

Our advice is independently checked so that it keeps up to a high standard.

Also we’ve got the Advice Quality Standard mark showing that SAIL’s advice is advice you can trust.

Already getting advice?
If you’re already getting advice, why not ask your adviser what independent Quality Standards his or her organisation has?

None? Then can you guarantee you’re getting good advice? And what will happen if things go wrong?

More information

If you’re concerned about the advice you’re being given then call us.