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What you say

We’re lucky enough to get a lot of comments from the seafarers we help. Here are some that have come in on emails, cards and anonymous feedback forms. We’ve changed the names on comments where the seafarer wanted to remain anonymous.

Contacted SAIL today via email and had a great response in a short period of time with great advice and very helpful response. Thanks. Anyone experiencing problems with the industry and problems due to the present situation either training, financial, pensions etc they are there to help, Thanks again.
Facebook comment from Shaun a MN seafarer from Liverpool - July 2020
Brilliant! Many thanks for your advice.
Email from Tom a fisherman from Oban - July 2020
Everything you explained is clear and understood. It's struck me how complex the system appears to the novice. Your advice has certainly enabled me to make an informed decision on my future of which I am extremely grateful.
Email from Rich a ferry worker from Kent - June 2020
We are so grateful for the help & assistance from yourself & you organisation. It makes such a difference to know we have your support. THANK YOU!
Letter from Bob a former MN seafarer - February 2020
Thank you so much...I have no words to explain my self how much you have helped me again.
Email from Rachel a former MN seafarer - April 2019
I have been very fortunate that I have been able to call on your services, for which I thank you and am grateful. There must be a significant number of consumers who do not have the luxury of falling back on such services or have the will or strength to pursue this in the way that I and you have.
Email from John who's serving in the RN - March 2019
You guys are superstars.
Facebook message from Bob, a former fishermen living in Grimsby - January 2019
Thank you for helping me out with this situation, I really appreciate it.
From Lee, a MN seafarer living in SE England - December 2018
We thank you very much for all your kind help, support and advice. You have been wonderful and yet again have provided us with outstanding service to say the least. You deserve a pay rise and a medal.
From a Royal Navy Veteran living in Hull to SAIL Adviser Gerry - November 2018
I am just writing to let you know that my wife and sons visas have been approved and extended for four years. Thank you very much for all the advice and help that you and your company have given us.
From someone serving on HMS Queen Elizabeth - April 2018
Thank you. I am very grateful for the guidance. Your support has been excellent.
Ann, a WRNS veteran from Gosport - November 2017
Gerry has been so helpful and understanding to my case.
Thomas, serving in the RM - October 2017
I just would like to thank you for all your help. We are back on track now with all bills sorted and arrangements in place. We would not have been able to do this without all your help. Again a big thank you from David and me. We will always be grateful for your help and understanding when we got ourselves in such a mess.
Tracey, wife of a former MN seafarer, from Hampshire - August 2017
I have been able to action a lot of things with the information you have given me so far - thank you. I will definitely be in contact again if I have any more questions.
Valerie, wife of a serving RN personnel, who lives in Dorset - May 2017
Without the help I have received from Gerry (and Olive before her) I would not be still among the living and that is a true fact!!!
Martin, a former Merchant Navy seafarer - March 2017
Thanks again for helping me with everything. I'm very grateful that's for sure!
Dave, a Royal Navy veteran living in East Anglia - February 2017
The service was fabulous and has changed my parents quality of life - thank you.
Sam, whose father is a Royal Navy veteran - January 2017
I was at sea RN/MN most of my life and your good colleague Gerry saved me a lot of money I didn't know about. THANKFUL is a small word.
Anonymous comment from client survey - January 2017
SAIL provide an excellent confidential service. I've used them myself. Highly recommended.
Facebook comment from Kevin, who worked in the RFA for many years and lives in Portsmouth - December 2016
I just wanted to say thank you. Since the loss of my wife I have been in a bad place and everything small seemed big. But I have to live and get on with it for the sake of my family. So thank you once again for caring and your help.
Brian, a former MN seafarer from Merseyside - October 2016
I really appreciate all you guys do. Really thanks for all the help you have given me.
Bob, a former fisherman from Northern Ireland - October 2016
Everyone was really interested and found your talk informative. One member said he thought you explained how SAIL could help serving and retired seafarers in a "lovely way", the best speaker we've heard.
Extract from a letter to thank Nida for speaking at a RNA branch meeting - September 2016
As you may know, I served in the R.N. also the M.N. also R.F.A. I was in deep s**t some time ago. I went to S.A.IL. All I can say is they are nothing short of wonderful. They help, they are non-judgemental. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to tell them ANYTHING it is completely confidential. They have heard it all before.
Extract from an email from Pete to another ex-seafarer - August 2016
We would like to thank you for all your help and advice in every respect it is much appreciated and we are both very grateful. Hopefully we shall not need to contact you again in the near future, but it is very reassuring to know that there is a friendly helpful voice at the end of the telephone line.
Alan (a former Merchant Navy radio officer) and his wife Alice from North Shields - June 2016
Just a line to thank you so very much, for all your help in my recent claim for P.I.P. I was awarded standard, daily component, and am delighted with the outcome. Once again, thank you.
Harry, a former Merchant Navy seafarer from Southampton - May 2016
I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given me while I have been on long term sickness. I really don't know what I would of done if I hadn't of had this help. It's good to know there is help out there when it's really needed. I can't wait to get back and start earning again. Its been a long slow journey but it has a very happy ending. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Am sure some of my work colleges don't know that you are there and I will be informing them when I get back.
Sally, a Merchant Navy seafarer from Essex - October 2015
I have now received all monies to me, and will continue increased amount on my Pension Credit. We are very grateful and always be extremely thankful for all the help and advice in dealing with the authorities in completing and achieving our goals in the receipt of pensions. This will make life much easier for us both. All our best wished to you and kindly thank the department at SAIL doing a great job for us. (Positive Result. Achieved Objectives!)
Keith, who served in both the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and in the Merchant Navy - August 2015
I really am so so grateful that I can keep my head above water at the moment
Sarah, a cook on the ferries out of Holyhead - July 2015
once again Helene thank a massive thank you to you and all.
Pete, a former MN seafarer from Liverpool - May 2015
I cannot thank you enough for the help and support I received through my difficult time.
Mary, widow of a MN seafarer from Cardiff - March 2015
Sometimes just having a person that listens to you helps greatly.
Dave, a former fisherman from West Scotland - February 2015
I am a recent widow. At a very stressful time SAIL - Helene and Khaleda - were practical and supportive about all the pension information I had to sort out. Thank you to them both.
Anonymous feedback from client survey form - November 2014
Thank you very much for the help that I received from you. It was a great help.
Greg, a fisherman from Lowestoft - October 2014
I am feeling like a new person at the moment. All thanks to you.
Andy, a former Merchant Navy seafarer from Aberdeen - July 2014
Brilliant service / fantastic people.
Anonymous feedback from client survey form - June 2014
Thank you for being there to help me. I don't think I would be here today had it not been for SAIL.
Anonymous feedback from client survey form - June 2014
I am more than indebted to SAIL and will always be most grateful for all the very sensible help. Mostly, I thank you for a continued interest in my plight and the support given.
Paul, who serves in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary - April 2014
Just a thank you for the massive amount of work you have done on my behalf. Its very much appreciated.
Al, a former Merchant Navy Seafarer from Scotland - April 2014
We are privileged to have such professional and helpful support.
Mark, a Royal Navy veteran - March 2014
SAIL has been a godsend. The service we have received has been second to none.
Simon, a fisherman from Cornwall - February 2014