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Check your benefits

The UK benefits system can be very difficult to understand. But if your situation is straightforward there are some ways you can check your benefit entitlement yourself.

Online benefit checkers
Before you start, you’ll need to get some information together –

  • Details of all your income
  • Details of the incomes of the people who live with you
  • Your Council Tax bill
  • Details of your rent or mortgage payments

If you live in the UK and are a British citizen there are two online benefit checkers that you can use to check your benefits –

  • Turn2us which is a charity specialising in benefits and charity grants
  • Entitledto which the government recommend

For those living in Northern Ireland, the government provides a separate benefit checker.

Please make sure you read through what each checker covers.

Turned down for benefits or can’t use the online checkers?
If you’ve been refused a benefit which you think you’re entitled to then you can ask for that decision to be reconsidered. There is usually a time limit for this which will be on the letter you get. Please contact us for further advice.

If your circumstances are unusual or you can’t use the online welfare benefit checkers then give us a call.

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