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What we advise on

Problems at work

Most of us will experience work problems several times in our life.

Whether you’re being bullied, facing discrimination or haven’t been paid, our advisers can help you.

Working seafarers
Some active seafarers face additional problems. For example many merchant seafarers have employment contracts outside UK law; and there are special rules for some fishermen. Sadly, unpaid wages is not an unusual issue for professional yachtsmen.

The UK has now ratified MLC 2006, which is a law setting basic global employment standards for those working on larger ships.

The issues can be complex. And that’s why we’re here to help.

Working on land
If you’re not now working at sea we can help you too.

There are many UK employment laws to protect employees and give them basic rights.

Our advisers are trained in giving employment advice so just call or email us.

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